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Out with the old & in with the New and Improved!



New and Improved Infinity Headband.

Our customers are the most important people to us.  Without you, our business would not exist. We consider you our friends and as friends, we want you to be happy with our products. That's why we took to heart some of your comments about the Infinity Headband.  We are now on our 3rd version of the Infinity Headband in only 2 years and boy have we come a long way!  Gone are the days of the tight and thick Infinity Headband.  Our newest version is so comfortable from the get go and has a lower profile that is crystal clear. (This is where you say, "Oh Goody!")

Remember the days of having to stretch out your Infinity Headband so that it would fit your head and be comfortable? Those days are over. Our new Infinity Headband fits perfectly the first time you wear it.  We also took out the combs by the ears because lots of our younger customers said that they bothered them. Ask and you shall receive! We have rounded the ends of the headband making it sleeker and more pleasant to wear and now they follow the lines of the Infinity Headband Covers. I know what you're thinking, "Why didn't they do this before?"  Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right and sometimes we just don't think of everything at once. We have also made the new Infinity Headband crystal clear. Why does this matter?  Well, not only does it look so much nicer, but the color of the Headband Cover now shows through the headband and instead of seeing an opaque headband, you see the color of the Headband Cover. But that's not all. We made the new Infinity Headband with a lower profile. What does this mean?  It means that when you are wearing your Infinity Headband, you don't really see the plastic part of the headband, only the Headband Cover- which was our goal from the beginning.  Hey, we know, perfection takes time. Especially when you are two moms with no manufacturing experience and want to create a product!

So, the bottom line here is: we want you to keep telling us what you like and dislike about our products. That way we can try to keep everyone happy. And that is our ultimate goal! So, don't be afraid to give us your opinion. Let us know what colors you are looking for or styles of embellishments you want, or any changes you think we should make. We would LOVE to hear from YOU!


Below is a letter we received from one of our young customers after she tried out the new Infinity Headband. We think it is so cute and wanted to share it with you. She did a great job of describing the pros and cons!

Mrs. Fox,
I tried out the new headband and wore the old one too.
Old style headband
Likes:  Gripped on to head well, especially since I have fine hair, it did not let any hair fall out or slide around.  I liked to be able to have all the different ribbons and decorations.
Dislikes:  After wearing for awhile it hurts behind my ears.  I could always tell I had a headband on my head and would take it off sometimes to rest my head.  I do not like the little comb fingers behind the ear.
New style headband
Likes:  Grips on to my head well without being as tight.  I was wearing it and forgot it was on my head.  It doesn't let any hair fall out either and really fits my head well.  I like that I can still use all my ribbons and decorations.  I like that it does not have the comb fingers behind the ears.
Dislikes:  Could not think of any.
You can always let me know if you need me to try anything else out, I had fun experimenting with it.


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