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It's that time of year again.  The hype of the holidays is over. You didn't go shopping or spend a dime in January because you were paying off all the bills from November and December. And now that the sun is starting to shine a little longer, you really want to break away from that cocoon and start spreading your wings. You are looking to see what is new and fresh this year. Wondering, "What can I add to my wardrobe that will brighten it up?"

We are glad you are thinking that way because we have what you want. This spring we are so excited to introduce four new Headband Covers! One was asked for repeatedly by several of our customers and the other three are fun, fabulous, and colorful new additions to our line.

It was about time we added a classic Navy Blue Headband Cover to our line. So many of you have girls in your life that are in private schools and have to abide by the school colors. Navy is by far the most popular school uniform color and now you can have your headband match your uniform.  The beauty is that you can wear the Navy at school and change the Headband Cover after school or on the weekends. No need to buy several headbands to keep up with different styles.

As for our other three new Headband Covers, they were all named in honor of the three most special girls in our lives. The first is named after the inventor of Infinity Headbands- Brylee Beckerman. The second is named after the creator of the name Infinity Headbands - Brady. And the third Headband Cover is named after our biggest helper and model- Lauren. These new Headband Covers represent a little bit of each of their personalities. We hope you will love them as much as we do.

So go ahead, spread your wings.  Add some color and fun to your life by wearing the new Headband Covers that are available now on our website: www.InfinityHeadbands.com


      Navy                 Brylee              Brady               Lauren


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