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They say that the apple never falls far from the tree. With Pinellas County serving as our tree, entrepreneurs Brylee Beckerman and Lindsay Phillips are the fruits of its labor. On March 29, The Bronze Lady, located in Madeira Beach Florida, featured both young ladies in hopes of inspiring locals to broaden their horizons and create something new! Store owner Bill Brawner sent out postcards and advertised the event on social media websites, they provided food and fun for all who attended. Pictures were taken, ideas were exchanged, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Lindsay Phillips, owner and creator of Switch Flops, the original interchangeable sandal, was in high school when she came up with her idea of an interchangeable show and applied for her patent. It was granted in 2004, and Switch Flops made its debut in January of 2007.

The event in total consisted of an array of locals, eager to meet both Brylee and Lindsay, and a whole lot of fun and excitement. Brylee and AnnDee Beckerman, as well as Ashley Fox, were honored to attend and of course, take selfies with the customers.


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