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Having lived my whole life with curly hair that has a mind of its own, I am speaking to you first hand.  As a young girl, my mother had no idea what to do with my curls so she kept my hair very short.  This was awful for me as everyone thought I was a boy until about the age of 12.  My mother used to try to brush my curls out and I was left with a wavy mess that didn't go past my ears!  As a teenager and in full control of my hair, I thought I would grow it out, as I had always dreamed of having long hair flowing down my back.  Unfortunately, that never happened.  30 years later and I am still trying to grow out my hair. Oh, I have tried all kinds of home remedies over the years to get my hair to grow, but that is a story for another time.


 So where should a girl with curly hair live?  Arizona. A place where there is NO humidity. Sadly, I do not live in Arizona or any other dry state.  My choice is sunny Florida.  Oh yeah, did you know that Florida is known for it's high humidity year round? So this causes a huge problem for my curls.  Not only does the humidity make them very frizzy, but it also gives them the right to have a mind of their own and to rebel against me. 

After years of fighting, I decided to get smart.  I will not touch you curls! You can do your own thing. I will just pull you back into a beautiful headband and voila', my hair is styled, no matter what you curls decide to do!  Of course I use some products for taming those curls and then the key is to leave your hands out of your hair!!!  (I am assuming that if you are reading this, you know that curls should NEVER be brushed.) So, let's get back to the products.  Mousse or gel?  I actually use both.  And to make my hair shinier, I mix coconut oil into my gel.  That's right, coconut oil.  The same stuff you use to cook with.  Coconut oil has a million different uses and putting it in my hair gel is one. So, depending on the day, I will wash my hair with a cleansing conditioner, towel dry and then add the gel all over and especially at the ends.  Let it air dry or diffuse it with the hair dryer and then add the mousse to go back over those unruly frizzy curls. Slide my beautiful headband on and I am ready to go!


I had a lady stop me last month and tell me she loved my hair.  That doesn't happen very often.  But what she said to me at the end of our conversation made me realize, these are my curls til death do us part. She said I had "Happy Hair".  That made me feel good.  She was right.  Curls are fun.  Curls are happy. They are like streamers at a party!  So get out there and bring your party with you every where you go!




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