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Infinity Headbands is a family business. It all started when Brylee, at 7 years old, had the idea of an interchangeable headband. Her sister, Brady, came up with the name- Infinity Headbands, because the fashion possibilities are infinite. Every member of our family – husbands, children and even Grandma Pat helped us to assemble and package our initial inventory on Thanksgiving 2012…making it one holiday the family will never forget!   The day-to-day business responsibilities are split between my sister, Ashley Fox and me (AnnDee Beckerman).

While we were very excited to launch Infinity Headbands, we had much to learn about running a company. And still do! But from the beginning, we really wanted to make a difference. We had huge hopes of getting Infinity Headbands out to the world; we just didn’t realize how long and how much work goes into marketing a product. We are still taking baby steps but are happy to say that after being in the business for a few years we are at a point we are giving back to the community.
This month we partnered with Eckerd- Raising Hope. Raising Hope exists to provide for the emergency and transitional needs of abused and neglected children and youth entering the foster care system in the Tampa Bay area. These children are left with minimal or no personal belongings and often carry what they do have in a garbage bag. The Raising Hope program utilizes private contributions to fill “Rooms of Hope” with duffel bags, clothes, toiletries, baby items, school supplies, accessories, comfort items such as blankets and stuffed animals, and more. These “Rooms of Hope” are open to children to “shop” for their needs in a cheerful environment during a traumatic time in their lives.

Ashley and her husband know firsthand how important it is to make a difference in the lives of foster kids. They adopted their youngest son from the foster care program and have stayed involved with foster care organizations in one way or another since then.

Having sold our product at several shows, we have seen our customer's eyes light up when we demonstrate how Infinity Headbands work. It is incredibly gratifying to hear their praise for our product and know that we are helping them to feel pretty and cut down on clutter at the same time. As a foster child, you don’t always get to have the latest or greatest or even simple things that would just make you feel a little happier. That’s why we are donating product to this great organization. Giving back...spreading joy!




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