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Over the summer the hairstyle every girl wants to rock is the "beachy" look. The problem is, not every one can just go to the beach, and actual beach hair is usually just a mess. What's a great way to get the summer's trendy "back from the beach" hairstyle without the heat and mess? A headband! In this image, see how our friend who had just come back from boating, used the Taylor Infinity Headband to tame her wind-blown locks. It just so happened she was already wearing this cool shirt that said "BEACH HAIR, DON'T CARE"...



Styling a headband as a part of your hairdo will keep your hair out of your face and off your neck, which is something no one wants to deal with in super hot summer temperatures. Plus when it's so hot out, it's easy to lose the desire to want to do anything to your hair. Putting on your Infinity Headband can give you a quick fix for the heat and that effortless beachy summer look you've been wanting to try out! 

If you want to add some texture and wave to your hair before pulling back with an Infinity Headband, we suggest you use a sea salt spray.  There are several brands on the market, but in reality, it's quite easy to make yourself.  

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