Sherbet Swirl Sale: Start Summer off on a Stylish Note – Infinity Headbands by Ambrosia Designs ">

ONLY FOUR DAYS LEFT! Summertime is finally here, and we can start you off with a savvy sherbet swirl Infinity Headband! A Sherbet Swirl Ribbon plus a White bow is only $6, and if you do not yet have the Infinity Headband, It is a mere $4 more! For just $10, you can get a headband, a Sherbet Swirl ribbon, and a White Bow! Remember, the sale is only going on until Friday, June 14th, so get yours today! Use the code: "Summer Sale" to get full set (including the headband), or "Sherbet Combo" to get the half-set (excluding the headband)!


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