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Creating a business requires time, patience, creativity, and open-mindedness. When Brylee Beckerman was pondering ways to increase her allowance for the summertime, she determined that people needed a headband that they could customize and suit to their own, personal wardrobe. Thus, this ultimate hair accessory, the Infinity Headband, was born. Together, with AnnDee Beckerman and Ashley Fox, the first prototype for this headband was created. Throughout this extensive process of formulating Ambrosia Designs as a company; the model for an Infinity Headband changed, and assorted colorful ribbons and cute (but classy) embellishments became a major role in the creation of this business. In the span of three years, Ambrosia Designs has expanded its product line, including not only the Infinity Headband, but Infinity Hair Ties (hair ties that are compatible with embellishments for days that you want to simply throw your hair into a ponytail, yet use the stylish accessories). Despite challenges that are, quite simply, unavoidable when working to create an original product, along the route to success, these strong business women have persevered and have invented a comfortable, interchangeable hair accessory; the Infinity Headband.


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