Infinity Headbands says, "You Ought to be in Pictures!" – Infinity Headbands by Ambrosia Designs ">

Infinity Headbands is looking for models! Gotta cute little girl in your life who wears Infinity Headbands? Or do you love wearing your own Infinity Headband? Well, we want models! It's easy too! Just submit a photo to for you and/or your angel to be featured on the Infinity Headbands Facebook page, website, twitter and Pinterest! Any girl, any age, and any combination of colors and embellishments are accepted! And, as a bonus, whoever sends the picture with the most interesting or unique background, will be the cover photo for the Infinity Headbands Facebook page! Visiting Italy, or even Cinderella's Castle in Disney World? Well, wear your Infinity Headband, snap a photo, and submit it!

We can't wait to see you!


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