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It is October 30th, and you and your family are planning for the big night- last minute candy buying for the neighborhood kids, touch-ups to the decorations that have been covering the exterior of the house for nearly three weeks, and balancing the preparation of the holiday with the daily responsibilities that you're held accountable for. A mental checklist appears in your mind, consisting of routinely activities as you scramble to complete the day. Although tomorrow is hours away, there are still many tasks that need to be fulfilled. Among which include getting your kids ready for the school day ahead- making sure that Lauren's pumpkin costume is folded on the dresser where she can get herself ready the next morning, and that little Noah's Ironman suit is hanging in the closet where he can't spill anything on it before the party at pre-school tomorrow. Thankfully, both are having celebrations in their classrooms, so packing lunches is unnecessary. As the night progresses, the little knuckleheads are in bed and the dog is sprawled across yours, taking up half of the mattress, you go to check on the kids. Sleeping soundly is little Noah, but when you get to Lauren's room you see that a lamp is turned on and the seven year old is frantically searching through her cabinets and drawers. You ask her what is wrong, and she tells you that she lost the hat to her pumpkin costume. You tell her not to worry, because she is seven and searching for it would honestly be a lost cause because who knows what could've happened to it. Still, she insists that she has something in her hair. Well, you thank your lucky stars that you bought her a Halloween Headband Cover and Halloween Infinity Bow for her Infinity Headband. After admitting to Lauren that it was indeed supposed to be a surprise on the night of, you give it to her. With tears of happiness in her eyes, she thanks you, rushes into the Jack and Jill bathroom that she shares with her brother, puts the bow and cover on the Infinity Headband, and runs back in to engulf you in a bear hug. After kissing your cheek, she leaps into bed and pulls the sheets over her head and giggles. You get up off of your knees and walk over to the bed, pulling the covers down and kissing her forehead softly.

"Thank you, I love you mommy," she whispers.

"I love you too my little pumpkin," you reply, and after turning off the lamp, you walk out of the room, a grin spreading from ear to ear. Mommy for the win.

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