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Not Your Typical Back-to-School Shopping

Back to School shopping used to be one my absolute favorite things to do when I was growing up. Even though we were an average middle-class family, and my parents were very frugal, it was the one time of year when I was guaranteed at least a few cute outfits, some sneakers, and possibly a pair of dress shoes. I knew I was not getting nearly as many clothes as most of my friends and I certainly was not getting any "name brands" but that was alright. I didn't even mind shopping at JC Penny or Target because at least the clothes were brand new!

There is something about the newness that promises "a fresh start - a new beginning"! And, the whole "shopping" experience... strolling through the girl's department and carefully searching each rack for that one clothing item you know you'll feel good in on the first day of school, is so empowering!

Sadly, every year there are nearly 200,000 girls living in foster care that don't get that experience. More than likely they are starting school at a place they've never been, walking in that first day not knowing a soul, and wearing whatever clothes they were able to pack in a trash bag when they were taken from their home. If they are really lucky, they've been given some relatively decent used clothing - commonly called "hand me downs". They don't get NEW clothes and they definitely don't get to SHOP.

Dianne Weed, founder of The Twig Warehouse, wanted to change that. Inspired by her own experience adopting from foster care, she knew that there was a need, not only to provide foster children with clothing but to encourage and inspire them.

"Giving these children clothes isn't just about meeting their needs. 
It is about empowering them with the tools they need to succeed. 

We help by providing an upscale boutique where children in foster care can shop and forget about their cares, at least for a while."

Boutique for foster kids makes shopping a fun experience

We love the mission of The Twig Warehouse and knew it was a perfect match for Infinity Headbands! We have seen, firsthand, the smiles and the joy girls get when they are able to create their own headband. By providing a display with Infinity Headbands and dozens of choices of headband covers and embellishments, we know that each girl will have a fun experience creating their very own look. They get to "shop" the display!

Foster girls shop for headbands when businesses give back

While we have been providing headbands, and dream prom experiences to girls in foster care for several years now, we are always looking for ways to expand our reach. 

If you know of programs or places that provide for the needs of foster girls and could use Infinity Headbands to add a special element of giving, please contact us.

Help us continue spreading joy to girls in foster care!

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