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Mother's Day is just around the corner, and you know your mama deserves something special on a day celebrating the spirit of motherhood. We have put together a list of ten thoughtful and inexpensive Mother's Day gifts to convey your love and gratitude to the amazing lady in your life. 

  1. A monogrammed change-keeper: A practical gift with a personalized touch, you cannot go wrong with a pretty change-holder monogrammed with your mother's name or initials. Every time she reads her name on it, she will be reminded of you!
  2. A book she will read: Is your mom a voracious reader? Start looking for discounts on books in her genre of preference. If she has been planning to start an indoor garden, learn quilting, or hone her photography skills, check out the non-fiction aisle at your local bookstore or at an online store selling discounted paperbacks or hardcovers.
  3. A handcrafted gift: Most creative Mother's Day gifts are handmade. With the right tools and nifty ideas courtesy of Pinterest, you can delight your mom with your effort and unique artistry! A throw basket, a centerpiece with recycled bottles and a wooden frame, colorful coasters, string art and fragrant bath bombs are some ideas to explore.
  4. A tote bag: There is always use for a tote bag, and no one understands this better than moms all over the world. Go for a reusable, eco-friendly tote with a pretty design that you're sure your mom will love.
  5. A chic headband: Be your mom's fashion assistant as she makes her style statement this summer in maxi dresses, shirt dresses, midi dresses and floaty Bohemian wraps. A pretty headband with attractive detailing is just the accessory to accompany a summer dress, and you know where to find one!
  6. App downloads: Whether your mom works in an office or at home, she will appreciate handy apps that ease some burden off her. And what better than to let technology help her out with chores and shopping? Check the free app marketplace and download one or two apps that can assist your mom with her work in a meaningful way. A good one is TaskRabbit, which allows users to find quick help with cleaning, delivery, handyman work and other daily tasks.
  7. Date night: A great gift from the heart, planning a date night for your mom - secretly in collaboration with your dad - is easy to put together. Bake her favorite cookies or order a meal from her favorite restaurant; rent a movie from Red Box, create a nice ambiance with fragrances and flowers, and take care of dish-washing and other duties that night.
  8. Nail care set: If you have been saving up money for Mother's Day, investing in a nail care set on behalf of your mother will not go unnoticed. As a routine or during winter - when she is disinclined to take the car out to the salon for a mani-pedi, she can still maintain clean, fresh and smooth nails with the nail care kit.
  9. 'I Love You' deck of cards: A tear-jerker, the 'X things I love about you' deck of cards has become a popular gift idea online. Simple yet evoking deep emotions, it can serve as a tribute to all the qualities you cherish and adore in your mom.
  10. Chocolates: A classic, chocolates are bound to make your mother's day if she has a sweet tooth. Pick them out in flavors she loves, or if she is adventurous/experimental when it comes to her dessert - try some exotic or new flavors!




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