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“Create the Things You Wish Existed”

My daughter, Brylee, loves headbands and has been wearing them since she was a toddler. Over the years she had amassed quite a collection of various headbands. The problem was, there wasn't one perfect band. She was frustrated by the tangled collections that accumulated on her dresser and in bathroom drawers. It was hard to find just the right one and they were often broken or dirty. I was frustrated by the mess! At age 7, Brylee wanted one headband, with options to quickly change style or color. And she wanted it to be comfortable, not the tight, pinching ones she had to deal with.

Brylee had planted the seed for the Infinity Headband!

I made a prototype and when Brylee wore it to school, all the girls wanted to know where they could get one. That’s when we knew we had the makings of a fabulous product.

What started as a solution to a young girl's fashion frustration quickly evolved into something much more. We found that our headbands have a much bigger effect. They provide girls the opportunity to independently design and show off their own personal style with creativity and confidence. We see it in their faces. It's what excites, motivates and inspires us here at Infinity Headbands.

“Infinity Headbands are the best. With so many different patterns and designs to choose from, you make it unique to your personality. And the best part is, they’re comfortable to wear!” - Sydney

As Brylee has matured, so has her style. We have embraced her desire for a more sophisticated look and have expanded our line to include designs that are on trend with fashion for teens and women alike. Our Chic Boutique line not only allows for a quick change of style and color, but also gives the wearer an option to convert the headband from the traditional U-shaped to an adjustable elastic and back. Simply and quickly!


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Meet the Sisters… Ashley & AnnDee


AnnDee is the creative sister who loves DIY projects and has a passion for making everything look pretty. Before becoming a stay at home mother, she had her own interior design and home staging company. Like her daughter, she is a headband lover! AnnDee brings energy and enthusiasm everywhere she goes, making hard work seem like FUN.

Ashley favors the business side of things. With a degree in marketing, she spent nearly 15 years in sales and marketing with major foodservice brands. She loves meeting people and embraces opportunities for learning (which is a good thing because there was a lot to learn!). Ashley’s passions include traveling, experiencing different cultures, and looking for adventure. She is always up for a challenge!

Sharing a room as they grew up, they always had a close relationship. Oftentimes they talked about opening a store together one day...thinking how fun it would be to have access to great fashion. Never did they imagine that they would be creating great fashion and finding ways to share it with the world.

So...don’t keep us a secret! Help this small family business make a difference in the lives of girls everywhere!


Giving Back...

Over the years, we have been involved with the foster care system in various ways seeing firsthand how devastating it can be when a child is removed from their home.

In addition to losing the only family they have ever known, they often leave with only the clothes on their backs.

Once they are in the system there are rarely the funds or resources to provide anything beyond the basic essentials. Certainly not the little extras that can make a girl feel special...

That is why Infinity Headbands gives a portion of every sale to foster girls in need. We feel that every girl deserves a chance to feel beautiful - even if all it takes is a pretty headband to put a smile on a girls face.

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We are grateful for the opportunity to put a smile on the faces of two local girls in foster care. See the feature on ABC Action News Positively Tampa Bay
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